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A company is only as strong as the people who run it. That's why at Fresh Skies, we only hire the best of the best. Why not take a minute to get to know some of our principal staff...

Fresh Skies UK Team

Simon Freeman

Simon Freeman - CEO

Cloud computing pioneer. Online business expert with a remarkable cross-discipline knowledge and experience. With a background in artificial intelligence and philosophy, Simon has a unique ability to translate technology into business.

His career scopes from the very first versions of Netscape in London (for this new thing called “the internet”), through banking in New York and Milan, to founding and running innovative, leading-edge online technology companies.  Simon is an expert both in the private and public sector. 

Toby Bisco - Technology Director

Coming from a strong computing background and after gaining a BSc first class honours degree in Computer Science from University of Essex in 2001, along with various professional qualifications, Toby has worked for a number of large international and domestic companies in both systems engineering/management and development roles. Past roles have involved working very closely with UK Government and large IT suppliers on security and service provision.
Toby Bisco
Stephen McCabe

Stephen McCabe - Chief Architect

Stephen, has over 20 years experience, designing, developing and managing solutions for a broad range of industries including banking, engineering, aerospace, manufacturing and government. More recent projects have included the successful implementation of a range of large international internet services, as well as enterprise-level messaging and security solutions for both the private and public sectors. Stephen is highly creative and adaptive. His constant ingenuity has helped forge our most successful products and services today.

Beatrice Freeman - Marketing Director

Beatrice is often called the networking guru. She is a marketing manager with background in opera, which means passion, focus, timing, the personal connection and skills to deliver a really big live show in an imaginative and memorable way.

Beatrice Freeman
Tom Higham

Tom Higham - Social Media Manager

Tom is a social media addict with over six years experience in this area. He has a strong marketing background and previously worked on projects for broadcast, retail, fashion and motorsport clients.

Diane Sealey - PR

With a background in technical writing and almost 20 years in technology PR with both UK and US companies, Diane Sealey is responsible for our media relations. Passionate about educating businesses, Diane works to firmly put the issues of email insecurity on the radar of the media in business, technology, legal, finance, travel and health - all sectors where confidential email is paramount.

Diane Sealey

Fresh Skies Australia Team

Robert Riede

Robert Riede - Chief Executive Officer

With over a decade of experience in highly regulated and mission critical environments, Rob knows the importance of dependability in new innovations. Rob is a business leader focused on delivering growth by delighting our customers.

Tim Hanley - Chief Operating Officer

Tim is an award winning Information Technology business leader with over 15 years of experience gained from some of the most admired and innovative organisations and programmes in the world. A specialist IT strategist, focused on ensuring customers receive ingenious technology services to help them succeed.
Tim Hanley


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