About us

Fresh Skies is a leading creator of comprehensive communication software products and solutions, committed to customer satisfaction, innovation and excellent return on investment. Our approach to product development has always been rooted in our customers’ needs. We focus on quality in everything we do. Constant pursuit of the highest quality is one of the cornerstones in our company’s continuing success.

Government clients use our ContactPlatform™ software to power the alerting functionality of the Government Gateway (Government Gateway Alerts Engine) through Alerts Online, a part of the strategic government-shared infrastructure designed to drive transformation, customer centricity and efficiency savings. Using our software ensures that all data is kept secure and the government standards for integrity, confidentiality and availability are met.

By combining new technologies with industry expertise and strong commitment to the environment Fresh Skies Ltd. is transforming the corporate communications landscape. We create communication solutions to help organisations enhance their brand awareness, nurture customers’ trust, fuel greater operational efficiency and minimise environmental burden by eliminating paper and print. Our presence is rapidly expanding into the global communication management marketplace.


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