mkryptor SATELLITE

  • Customisable Interface
  • 32 Bit and 64 Bit Versions
  • Free online version
  • Free software version
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To download a free copy of mkryptor SATELLITE click the button above and follow the instructions.

Introduction to mkryptor


mkryptor is like a courier, only faster and more secure. mkryptor safely picks up your emails and securely delivers them to your recipients.

How does it happen? First, mkryptor receives your normal unsecured emails from your usual email client or server. It wraps your email into a secure envelope, which only the intended recipients can open. Then, mkryptor delivers this now secured email directly to the designated recipients.

You wouldn’t send a letter to a client without using an envelope, so why do it with your email?


mkryptor works on all common computer systems, like Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. mkryptor also works with all popular mobile devices, such as iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.


With mkryptor your recipients don’t need to install any special software on their computers or devices. You don't even need to tell your recipients to expect a secure mail. And you certainly don't need to arrange for training to open it.


Good news: you don't have to send your recipients any passwords. You don’t have to ask to register on any websites. No need to change anything on their computers or devices.

mkryptor works straight away with any email client - and it’s so simple you must try it.


More good news: sending a secure email doesn’t require installing any special software on the recipient’s computers or devices.

mkryptor SATELLITE

mkryptor SATELLITE is an extension to any server edition of mkryptor (Business, Business+, or Enterprise) and provides a user interface for the following functionality:

  • Secure Replies: Recipients of messages can simply and securely send instant replies back to the original message sender.
  • Change Password: Recipients of secure messages can set and change their own memorable password to be used for all future secure messages.
  • Password Reminders: Recipients can request reminders when they have forgotten their password for opening secure messages.
  • Electronic Form: Senders can view and download the results from electronic form submissions (mkryptor Enterprise Edition only).

We provide a free online mkryptor SATELLITE service for all customers who have purchased any of the server editions of mkryptor (Business, Business+, or Enterprise). Customers who prefer to host their own mkryptor SATELLITE can then also customise this interface to show their own branding.

You can download mkryptor SATELLITE for free now from our downloads page.

mkryptor comes in following server editions:

  • Business Edition: This is our basic version intended for small organisations who simply wish to ensure all their outgoing email is secure.
  • Business+ Edition: This is our next largest version intended for larger organisations who need to send large volumes of secure messages to customers.
  • Enterprise Edition: This is our greatest version intended for very large and complex organisations who in addition to sending large volumes of secure messages, also need to securely gather information from customers.

For a more detailed breakdown and comparison of features go to the Buy Licence page now.

mkryptor Cloud

Also available are four online versions of mkryptor Cloud which is our simplest mkryptor solution requiring no installation of any software anywhere:

  • LITE: This service is completely free and intended for students or other private individuals with restricted budgets who need to send only the occassional secure message.
  • HOME: This service is intended for private individuals who need to send typical domestic volumes of messages with ease but with with complete security and peace-of-mind.
  • PRO: This service is intended for small businesses, partnerships and sole traders who need to send professionally secured messages in typical business volumes.
  • ENTERPRISE: This service is intended for larger organisations or those who need to send bulk volumes of professionally secure messages, and also need to securely gather information from customers.

To compare the features of mkryptor cloud click here