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ContactPlatform™ offers comprehensive messaging solutions including billing, subscription, web publishing tools, advertising, mail merge, message archive and address management. A complete, versatile and powerful tool to increase your competitive advantage, it generates excellent return on investment.

ContactPlatform™ supplies high performance solutions across a wide range of communication channels of the digital and traditional media. It combines remarkable ease-of-use with robust security and privacy features, entirely aligned with the electronic communication regulations.

ContactPlatform™ is fully configurable and highly scalable – ideal for both small and big organisations. Standard-based XML (SOAP) interfaces make it simple to use stand-alone or integrated into your existing websites. Thanks to the ingenious modular structure, it will smoothly adjust to the growth of your customer base and your organisation.

ContactPlatform™ allows you to streamline processes, elevate productivity and cut out paper. It makes an immediate, measurable impact on the cost of your communications and enhances the power of your brand.

ContactPlatform™ has been running in a wide array of government installations since 2004, focusing on customer centricity, carrying out efficiency savings, ensuring integrity and confidentiality, achieving maximum effectiveness of communications and resulting in reduced carbon footprint.

Top 10 reasons to try ContactPlatform™

  1. Excellent return on investment. Capitalise on efficient communications.
  2. Comprehensive communications solution. Benefit from using one platform.
  3. High scalability. Enjoy it on its own or integrated into your website.
  4. No limits to expansion. Watch it stretch with the growth of your customer base and your organisation.
  5. Considerable savings. Curb the costs of your call centres and handling of paper mail.
  6. Privacy and security. Improve your security and comply with regulations.
  7. Strengthened customer relationship. Offer flexibility and provide more choice.
  8. Competitive advantage. Maximise your brand impact through powerful communications.
  9. Reduced carbon footprint. Take a proactive approach – cut down on print and paper.
  10. Modular structure. Only pay for what you choose to use.

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