mkryptor Cloud

  • Easy to use
  • Works on all popular devices
  • No software or App required
  • Anti-snooping
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Secure replies
  • Super-strong end-to-end encryption (AES-256)
  • Digital Signatures (PRO and Enterprise editions only)
  • Electronic Mail-merge (Enterprise edition only)
  • Electronic Forms (Enterprise edition only)
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Introduction to mkryptor


mkryptor is like a courier, only faster and more secure. mkryptor safely picks up your emails and securely delivers them to your recipients.

How does it happen? First, mkryptor receives your normal unsecured emails from your usual email client or server. It wraps your email into a secure envelope, which only the intended recipients can open. Then, mkryptor delivers this now secured email directly to the designated recipients.

You wouldn’t send a letter to a client without using an envelope, so why do it with your email?


mkryptor works on all common computer systems, like Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. mkryptor also works with all popular mobile devices, such as iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.


With mkryptor your recipients don’t need to install any special software on their computers or devices. You don't even need to tell your recipients to expect a secure mail. And you certainly don't need to arrange for training to open it.


Good news: you don't have to send your recipients any passwords. You don’t have to ask to register on any websites. No need to change anything on their computers or devices.

mkryptor works straight away with any email client - and it’s so simple you must try it.


More good news: sending a secure email doesn’t require installing any special software on the recipient’s computers or devices.

mkryptor Cloud

It's all about the cloud

It seems these days that everywhere you turn somebody is talking about 'cloud'. And there is good reason for this, cloud is the future of IT. Many people are realising that they can greatly reduce their Total Cost of Ownership by adopting cloud technologies. This is possibly more true of email than any other service.

We've had lots of customers that want to move over to Google Apps, Office 365, etc. But this presented them with a problem. If they don't have a mail server, then where do they install mkryptor? mkryptor Cloud is the solution...

No software required

mkryptor Cloud works with all popular email clients and devices including Microsoft Outlook, iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple Mail, Blackberry etc. Furthermore, you don't need to install any additional software or Apps to start sending and receiving secure messages.

No servers required

mkryptor Cloud also works with all popular mail servers including Google Apps, Office 365 and Exchange with no additional server software to install. You can enjoy all the great features of the award-winning mkryptor SERVER, but without the costs of maintaining your own equipment - and without a long contract.

While Google Apps, and Office 365 are the fastest growing cloud solutions, a big concern is that all their email is still sent unprotected. mkryptor Cloud makes your email secure. Secure connections are used by mkryptor Cloud to receive these messages which are then mkrypted™ into a secure message and delivered safely to the recipient.


mkryptor Cloud also protects your messages and private data from hackers and email surveillance using advanced features including the following:

  1. Super-strong military grade encryption (AES-256) protects all messages, data and communications.
  2. Multi-factor authentication further secures your messages using your phone.
  3. Auto-destruct can destroy your messages and their password data from our servers on send or when read.
  4. Credential hashing preserves the anonymity of your account - even we can't identify which account is yours without your help.
  5. Granular encryption protects each message and every customer with their own unique internal encryption keys.
  6. Random mutation of encryption and internal keys throughout the day maintain the inviolability of your encrypted messages and data.
  7. These internal encryption keys are themselves encrypted using Master keys which are also randomly changed throughout the day.
  8. These master keys are safeguarded in protected memory and never stored in any of our files, databases or disks on any of our servers.
Therefore, by design...
  • It is not possible for service personnel to view your messages or password data or access encryption keys - even under duress!
  • it is not possible for hackers or snoops to identify your account or view your messages or password data - even if they somehow managed to get a copy of all our databases, files and source code!

Shared or private database

mkryptor Cloud by default uses a private database for your password data (phone number, password or known facts) required for encrypting messages to your recipients. However, you can choose to use a shared database which is common to other mkryptor Cloud users. Note: Password data can only used for encrypting messages and can never be viewed.

The benefits of this shared database are as follows:

  • Recipients use the same password data for messages from all cloud users of the shared database.
  • You need to supply new password data less often as the shared database grows.

Which is best for me?

Choose the version that suits you best without any addition software to install:

  • LITE: A free taster of mkryptor for occassional use, when you need to send a confidential email protected. COMPLETELY FREE.
  • HOME: for more frequent use, with domestic volumes of emails, to guard your privacy and protect againt identity theft.
  • PRO: for small businesses who regularly send emails in business volumes, to protect business assets and reputation.
  • ENTERPRISE: for larger organisations who send bulk volumes of secure messages, and securely gather information from customers.

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mkryptor SERVER

mkryptor also comes in three different server editions which give you full control over all the mkryptor features:

  • Business Edition: This is our basic version intended for small organisations who simply wish to ensure all their outgoing email is secure.
  • Business+ Edition: This is our next largest version intended for larger organisations who need to send large volumes of secure messages to customers.
  • Enterprise Edition: This is our greatest version intended for very large and complex organisations who in addition to sending large volumes of secure messages, also need to securely gather information from customers.